Copper guttering has been the preferred choice in Europe for over
20 years and is becoming increasingly popular in the UK.
Economically and environmentally safe, no other gutter will do for
those who want the very best for their property. With soldered
joints, copper guttering can be maintenance free and we supply
leaf guards that are essential on some properties to help prevent
potentially expensive blockages. Copper guttering can add that
special charm as well as value to any property.

Our standard sizes of guttering are mostly larger than the
equivalents in the UK, resulting in more effective drainage.
Consequently, this could mean fewer downpipes and for new
builds, minimal ground works for drains etc. In addition, we have
larger profiles, which would be more suited to bigger properties or
commercial units.

Copper will naturally oxodise from a bright finish to a deep bronze
and eventually to a verdigris patina. However, if preferred, we can
apply a special solution to the guttering so that it achieves the
aged verdigris patina within hours instead of decades.