We have a magnificent range of products that would compliment
any property indoors or outdoors, whether it be a supermarket,
industrial factory or home.

We have a broad selection of weather vanes, cupolas, clocks and
adornments with many options in style, size, colour, finish and more. We can design, manufacture, modify and install just about
anything to specifications and we are very competitively priced.

Our extensive choice of quality products allow the customer to get
what is right for them and to suit the character of the property
whether it be modern or hundreds of years old. People all around
the UK are becoming increasingly more demanding of our
beautiful components, especially as they can be used on listed
buildings to add charm and not look out of character, but still have
the assurance of a quality new product built to last.

We have friendly installation teams that are very experienced in
trouble shooting and always ensure that components are installed
on time to the highest standard with great care and in a
professional, safe manner. They can take a van to site fully
stocked with access equipment and specialist tools. They also
have health and safety awareness and good initiative. As well as
CSCS and CIS cards, we have licences to use self-propelled
booms, scissor-lifts and vast experience with cranes.